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09.27.19 Friday
The numerous benefits of archery
By: Bushmen Safaris

1. Upper Body Strength:

Repeated drawing and firing of a bow develops the major muscle groups of the upper body.

2. Balance:
The ability to keep your body still is key to hitting your target. The more you practice, the more accustomed your core muscle groups will be to keeping your body balanced.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination:

Archery increases hand-eye coordination.

4. Walking:

Archers can walk up to 5 miles during a competition and spend a significant amount of time retrieving arrows while practiving.

5. Mental Focus:

Developing mental focus can help you deal with stress and remain more focused on tasks off the range as well. This can also help you overcome procrastination and distraction in daily life.

6. Ability:

Archery is open to all body types and ability levels.

7. Happy Shooting:

Archery is relatively inexpensive if you are just shooting for fun.

8. Patience:

Archery is great for youth as it improves patience.

9. All Year Long:

Archery can be done both indoors or outdoors so weather isn’t a barrier for participation.

10. Confidence:
Archery can lead to improved self-confidence.

11. Safety:

Archery teaches the importance of safety for oneself, each other and for the equipment they are using.

12. Flexibility:
Increased hand and finger flexibility and strength

13. Sociality:

Increase social interaction with a wide range of age groups.

14. Burns Calories:
Prevention magazine says that drawing a bow burns about 140 calories every 30 minutes, the same as walking at a brisk 3.5 mph pace.

15. Relaxing:
The overall act of archery can be a satisfying and relaxing experience.

16. Skills:
Archery is a good way to increase math skills.

17. Self-Development:

Archery helps develop character that can help benefit you in all areas of life.

18. Challenge:
Teaches youth to adhere to structured rules of waiting their turn, following directions, setting goals and challenging themselves.

Please contact Dani Anderson at or 208.322.5902 if you want to take advantage of all the benefits that archery can offer you.

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