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05.19.22 Thursday
Satisfying Bow Hunters Year After Year at Bushmen Safaris
By: Bushmen Safaris

Bushmen Safaris has years of hunting experience in Africa and your bow hunting trip will evoke memories of lifetime as you enjoy guided bow hunting at our private 22,000 acre deeded wildlife conservancy in beautiful South Africa.

Bushmen Safaris’ reputation has been earned through satisfying our bow hunting visitors year after year with our beautiful accommodations, superior service, delicious dining, competitive pricing, excellent management, and a world-class selection of animals that make our hunters repeat clients. We are very proud of the fact that more than 80% of Bushmen Safaris hunters each year are repeat hunters.

The Bushmen Safaris conservancy has been archery only since 1986 and features great genetics and low hunting pressure, which is one of the reasons why Bushmen Safaris bow hunters have placed more than 115 animals in the top 10 Safari Club International (SCI) World Record Books. Another contributing factor to the success of our bow hunters is that we can schedule the hunt around the dark of the moon at Bushmen Safaris. The average African hunting safari consists of 10 to 12 full hunting days and we can hunt year around at Bushmen.

Another feature that helps make Bushmen Safaris a top bow hunting destination is that our facility is owned, operated, and setup for the bow hunter. We understand what the archery hunter needs and expects and we make it happen through our outstanding service and years of experience.

Please contact Dani Anderson [email protected] or call 208.322.5902 to book your hunting trip to Bushmen Safaris or for more information.

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