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05.19.22 Thursday
Red Hartebeest Hunts in South Africa
By: Bushmen Safaris

At Bushmen Safaris, we know what it takes to provide a quality bow hunt and we are proud to provide a world-class selection of animals for our hunters including the Red Hartebeest.

One of the fastest plains game species in Southern Africa, the Red Hartebeest is a large, reddish-fawn antelope with sloping back and long narrow face. Both sexes carry these very unique horns however the bulls are much heavier, especially at the bases.

The Red Hartebeest, sometimes nicknamed the Harley Davidson of the antelope tribe because of the configuration of his horn, have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, but their sense of sight is poor. When alarmed, they tend to mill about in seeming confusion, snorting nervously before running off. Once in its stride, a hartebeest can achieve a speed of about 40 miles per hour, zigzagging left and right in its characteristic bouncing flight, which make it more difficult for predators to catch them. Like the Blue Wildebeest, it has an uncanny sense of direction and will find water and fresh grazing after rain has fallen a considerable distance away.

When you come to Bushmen Safaris in search of a Red Hartebeest, you can be assured that Bushmen Safaris has one of the best hunting concessions in South Africa. During your time with Bushmen Safaris, you will hunt with experienced professional hunters that will help you identify the very best trophies, ensure your safety, and maximize your hunting opportunities.

Please contact us at 208.322.5902 or [email protected] for more information about bowhunting in South Africa with Bushmen Safaris.

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