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03.25.21 Thursday
Know Before You Go: Frequently Asked Hunting/Equipment Questions About Bushmen Safaris
By: Bushmen Safaris

Here are some helpful tips to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hunting and equipment to help you get prepared for your trip to Bushmen Safaris.

What bow(s)/arrows/broadheads work best for Africa?
With the quality of compound bows used today; no more than a 75-pound draw weight is necessary for the bigger animals (Buffalo, Giraffe, Kudu, and Eland) and no more than a 60-pound draw weight is necessary for the smaller plains game animals. You can shoot smaller animals such as an Impala and Blesbuck with a 50- pound draw weight. Broadheads and shot placement are the most important factors in Africa.

Of the three main types of broadheads, namely fixed blades, removable blades and mechanical i.e. expandable blades, our experience and preference favor fixed blades, for these have proven to be most effective in our experience pursuing Africa game. This is sure to be somewhat controversial as each hunter typically has his or her own preference.

We suggest you bring 2 dozen arrows and 1 dozen hunting broadheads. If you want to bring any practice broadheads that would be in addition. A good rule of thumb: Use any bow/arrow combination you would hunt elk.

What additional equipment should I bring?
All of your primary hunting gear plus the following: pocket knife, flashlight, extra batteries, binoculars, range finder, camera and/or video camera.

Remember to pack an extra set of strings and cables to be safe. Also, make sure that you pack dark hunting clothes. Dark clothes (camouflage or plain) help disguise your movement in the blinds.

What is the best time of year to hunt?
Hunting season is from March to October.

  • March/October-hottest times (85-105°F)
  • April/May/August/September-(70-90°F)
  • June/July-winter months (40-55°F)

During our hottest months (March, April, September and October), the animals tend to need more water so they come to the water hole more frequently.

During our winter months, the animals cannot depend on the green grass/leaves to get their water since it is dyer, which causes them to come to the water holes more often. The dry season also makes the animals easier to spot because the grass and bush cover are minimal.

What are the ground blinds like?
They are very spacious with approximate dimensions of 10’x10’x8’. Each are made of concrete and a layer of insulation and have a shooting window and an additional window for a camera. We also put an Ozonics machine in the blind during the hunt to help eliminate scent.

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