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05.19.22 Thursday
Bowhunting Tips: Innovative Gear
By: Bushmen Safaris

A few of the products at the 2020 ATA Show that stood out as truly innovative in the bowhunting world.

Pro Cirrus
The Cirrus Wind Indicator continues to evolve into more of a bowhunter’s multi-tool with the new Pro Cirrus. The compact unit not only includes the wind indicator, LED flashlight, and portable charging bank found in the 200 model, it also features a Wi-Fi SD card reader. Paired with the free Pro Cirrus app, you can wirelessly view and share trail-cam photos from your phone. The app is also equipped with weather, compass, and mapping functionality. The Pro Cirrus combines all this cool tech for around just $80.

Hunter Safety System Shadow Vest
Bowhunters have officially run out of excuses to not wear a safety harness, thanks to the new Shadow Vest from Hunter Safety System. Weighing in at just 27 ounces, the harness is incredibly easy to use, doesn’t add bulk, and adjusts to provide a comfortable fit for just about every hunter in a single model. A pair of quiet-snap buttons on the chest connect the shoulder straps, and an adjustable clip design eliminates any excess fabric from dangling from the leg straps – all for under $50.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Hang-On
After generating major buzz with its first-generation Hang-On in 2019, Lone Wolf Custom Gear announced an even lighter design for 2020. By slightly trimming down the platform, seat, and rung design, they managed to engineer a treestand tipping the scales at under 6 pounds. It still offers the advanced leveling adjustment, seamless pairing with climbing sticks, and all the other features of the initial design, while shaving off 2 pounds for the mobile bowhunter.

A small, lightweight device that easily installs on a traditional rig, compound, or crossbow, the BOWdometer collects data for every single shot you take. Several internal sensors evaluate shot performance, and archers receive instant feedback on shot consistency via Xi – the company’s unique shot execution index. Users can dig deeper into this data and even compete with other shooters by connecting with the BOWdometer mobile app.

This new compact unit from SPYPOINT is a universal cellular adapter that transforms any trail camera with a standard SD card slot into a cellular device for just $69.99. The CELL-LINK uses the SD card slot to access a camera’s images and sends them directly to the SPYPOINT mobile app, where users can view photos as well as the CELL-LINK’s status and settings. Cellular plans for the system are available directly through SPYPOINT, including a free plan that transmits up to 100 photos per month.

After all that practice with your new innovative gear, contact us at 208.322.5902 or [email protected] to try it out on your bowhunting adventure at Bushmen Safaris in South Africa.

Portions of this article originally appeared on the Petersen's Bowhunting website.

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