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03.01.18 Thursday
Bow Hunting Waterbuck at Bushmen Safaris in South Africa 
By: Bushmen Safaris

Bushmen Safaris is proud to help fulfill their dreams by providing a world-class selection of animals for the hunter who is looking for a lifetime harvest.

One of the animals that is almost always included on a hunter’s to-do list when bow hunting at Bushmen Safaris is the Waterbuck. Another of the classical African antelope, the Waterbuck is a highly prized trophy and notable quarry. Despite its name, the Waterbuck is not truly aquatic nor much at home in water and swamps. It does, however, take refuge there to escape predators. The Waterbuck is a large, robust animal that have large, rounded ears and white patches above the eyes, around the nose and mouth and on the throat. Only the males have horns, which are prominently ringed and as long as 40 inches. The horns are widely spaced and curve gracefully back and up. They are sometimes used with lethal results when males fight one another over territories. The Waterbuck has a shaggy brown-gray coat that emits a smelly, oily secretion thought to be for waterproofing. 

When you come to visit Bushmen Safaris in search of a Waterbuck to add to your trophy wall, you can be assured that the Bushmen Safaris has some of the very best hunting concessions in South Africa. During your time hunting with Bushmen Safaris, you will be hunting one-on-one with experienced professional hunters that will help you identify the very best trophies, ensure your safety, and maximize your hunting opportunities.

Besides the Waterbuck, the species taken at Bushmen Safaris include the Warthog, Kudu, Kudu, Blesbok, Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Black Wildebeest, Bushbuck and Impala. The average African hunting safari at Bushmen Safaris consists of 10 to 12 full hunting days, and during the evenings when you are re-living the day’s hunt, the spirit of Africa will embrace you and give you an experience you will always treasure making you realize why Bushmen Safaris is Africa’s bow hunting expert. Please contact Dani Anderson at [email protected] or call 208.322.5902 to schedule a date.

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