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05.03.19 Friday
Are You Ready For The Hunt of A Lifetime?
By: Bushmen Safaris

Located in South Africa, Bushmen Safaris is the ideal location for your first or next hunting adventure. Our beautiful location, superior service, competitive bow hunting packages, and world-class selection of animals helps make us unequaled when it comes to hunting safaris in South Africa.

  • Bushmen Safaris has been exclusively archery-only since 1986, which means there has not been a single rifle hunter at Bushmen Safaris for more than 30 years.
  • Bushmen Safaris bow hunters are more successful. Our hunters have placed more animals in the SCI Record Book than hunters from other safaris.
  • At Bushmen we schedule the hunt around the dark of the moon, which means there’s usually a minimum of 16 days every month with no hunting pressure. We can also hunt year-round at Bushmen.
  • Bushmen is owned, operated, and setup for the archer because we understand what the bow hunter needs and expects, and we make it happen.
  • There’s no cross fencing or barb wire at Bushmen Safaris because we removed all cattle, and everything associated with cattle in 1984.
  • One of the reasons Bushmen Safaris hunters have placed more animals in the SCI Record Books is because our animals have great genetics and there’s low hunting pressure.
  • More than 80% of Bushmen Safaris hunters each year are repeat hunters. Bushmen Safaris' excellent management, competitive pricing, and world-class selection of animals bring back bow hunters year after year to South Africa.

If you are for your next great bowhunting adventure, then Bushmen Safaris is ready to help you make your dreams a reality. Please contact Dani Anderson at 208.322.5902 or [email protected] to book your trip.

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